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What You Can Do if You Have a Severe Toothache

An emergency situation can happen anytime and anywhere. The best thing we all can do it to prepare, and at least we know what to do when such case happens.

Although losing a tooth or inflamed gum will not bring you to a life-or-death experience, the risks are still considerable, like unstopped bleeding or permanent damage. Here we are going to learn what are the best ways to treat a chronic toothache immediately.

Identifying the causes and the solutions

The most valid diagnoses should, of course, come from the expert, a dentist or a general practitioner at least. But you need to know how to identify the injuries that need immediate medical treatment and which ones you can treat by yourself.

GingivitisThe first thing you do, you must see if there is bleeding or not. Bleeding can be the sign of many oral problems, and the common one is Gingivitis. It is a germ infestation happening in the gum. At its earlier stage, there are no apparent symptoms. It does not even cause pain.

But once the germ accumulated in the form of tooth plaques, it can separate gum tissue from the tooth. At its later stage, the illness is identified as Periodontitis, and at that stage, the tissue surrounding the infected tooth has begun to rot, swollen, and bleeding. The early warning of this disease is persistent bad breath.

Abscess incisionBesides germs, injury can also cause bleeding. In such case, you should stop the bleeding first. Bite a cloth or press the wounded tissue with a tea bag. Then compress the cheek with ice to numb the pain.

If after ten minutes the bleeding does not stop, seek help from medical experts. If you are New Mexico resident, get the same day emergency dentist located in Albuquerque. They will treat emergency toothaches, such as:
– having an object impaling your gum
– broken jaw
– broken crown
– broken teeth
– swollen gum filled with abscess

Prevent the same thing from happening

ClinicMost toothaches these days are caused by abusive diet and bad hygiene. Diet high in sugar will shorten your teeth lifespan and make them vulnerable to many diseases because sugar is the ideal substance for germs.

Bad hygiene can result from laziness or infrequent dental check-up. If you do not floss or brush your teeth daily, your mouth will lose its organism balance. Bad germs will dominate and infect the tissue in your mouth. And like what has been discussed, gum infection can make you lose your teeth.

Add painkillers to your first aid kit

First aid kit boxIf you live alone, having a painkiller can help you to think clearly during an emergency dental-related situation. A headache often accompanies a toothache, and the more chronic the latter is, the previous also follows.

For a recurring pain, always stock your prescription and do not forget to take them when you are traveling.Suffering from a toothache in a journey can be dangerous.…